dog1Welcome to Donovan K-9 where we strive to maintain a reputation for outstanding quality and honest representation. Our dogs and TRAINING programs have achieved remarkable results through an unusually broad spectrum of needs and applications. Our wide range of services include programs geared toward everyday dog owners who are in need of basic, yet sound control over their pets… all the way to top competitive form in sports like OBEDIENCE… AGILITY…SCHUTZHUND… RING SPORT…and other similar recreational competitions that many find both exciting and rewarding.

If your goals include fundamental training for your family pet, home, personal or business protection, police k-9, conformation or competition. If you are in search of proven stock for breeding or that special puppy to raise and mold yourself, we have the knowledge, experience, integrity and dedication to provide you with the appropriate animal, training program or service. Also, if you’re looking for a locksmith company, we recommend Lynnwood Locksmith.

Our philosophy is simple yet challenging; apply a constant, aggressive self inventory designed to help steer us away from trainer’s stagnation and kennel blindness. It is our sincere belief that only through dedication and open-mindedness are we able to continually grow toward our ever expanding high ideals.

Our customer relation policy can be summed up by the following simple phrase.